Get your business up to speed with the latest Dell Latitude laptops

Get your business up to speed with the latest Dell Latitude laptops

Get your business up to speed with the latest Dell Latitude laptops 1500 1000 M. Laraib

Go for pro with Dell Latitude

The daily operation of your business can’t wait for a computer that’s slow to boot, applications that are slow to launch, and important points in presentations that have to be repeated three times because someone couldn’t hear. An effective workflow requires the right tool, and Dell’s new Latitude 9420 and 9520 laptops and 2-in-1s are designed to get the job done.

From audio enhancements that ensure you can hear and be heard more clearly in conference calls and Comfortview Displays that go easy on your eyes on the longest workdays, these new laptops in Dell’s professional-grade Latitude series offer some key enhancements for making your work life not just more productive but also simply easier. 

Dell Latitude 9420 - 14" QHD Touch, Intel i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows  10 Pro - KJC3V
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Dell Latitude 9420

The Dell Latitude 9420 is the new mobility champion for when your work needs to come with you while maintaining solid connectivity at home, at the office, and off site. This laptop features the latest Wi-Fi 6E connectivity option for high-speed wireless bandwidth and stability. With its microSIM slot and eSIM, the Dell Latitude 9420 can also support mobile broadband 4G LTE or even 5G connections for a wireless connection to the internet wherever you go. 

When you’re on the move for work, having up to a 60WHr battery will help you keep going away from wall outlets. And, ExpressCharge Boost offers a quick top up from 0% to 35% within 20 minutes or ExpressCharge 2.0 can get you up to 80%.

The Dell Latitude 9420 also includes a compact 14-inch display, but it offers an expanded 16:10 aspect ratio and features Full HD+, QuadHD+, and touchscreen options. All of these options include ComfortView Plus technology to cut down on blue light throughout the day, and they offer high brightness levels for easy viewing. All of this comes in a thin-and-light chassis starting at just 2.8 pounds for supreme mobility.

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Dell Latitude 9520

The Latitude 9520 gives you another ultra-premium laptop for your work. With a 15-inch display squeezed into a 14-inch laptop’s form factor, it maintains portability while giving you more screen space for multitasking. That screen can also come in a 400-nit Full HD or an even brighter and sharper 500-nit 4K version.

Despite the larger screen, the Dell Latitude 9520 is still geared up to let you take your work with you wherever you need. It weighs just a little over three pounds and supports LTE connections with a microSIM card. The battery in this model also supports Dell’s ExpressCharge, and Dell offers an 88WHr battery option for those who have to spend a lot of time working on the move.

The Latitude difference

These latest Latitude laptops share a number of features that distinguish them in a professional setting thanks to Dell Optimizer and the Intel Evo vPro platform. These deliver speed, optimization, and enhancements directed right at key work needs from conferencing and networking to security and stability. 

Dell Optimizer provides faster and snappier performance through ExpressResponse while ensuring your machine automatically selects the best wireless connection available and prioritizes bandwidth for conferencing apps with ExpressConnect. Meanwhile Intelligent Audio cuts down on background noise while enhancing audio so you can hear and be heard better in your work communications. That’s topped off with ExpressSign-in’s combination of a proximity sensor, IR camera, and Windows Hello, giving the Latitude laptops the ability to detect when you’re near and sign you in via facial recognition automatically and then lock back down when you step away – even knowing when to block the mic and camera with SafeShutter.